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Lindsay Salm Dubé

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Living All Dimensions
Living All Dimensions


Living All Dimensions provides workshops and individual counselling sessions to people interested in personal growth, increasing awareness and understanding and recovery in mental health.

Lindsay uses her awareness of the subtle energies to communicate effectively to an audience of one hundred, a smaller group, a couple or an individual. She is an engaging facilitator creating a comfortable learning environment as she recognizes individual learning styles and respects each persons personal desire to effect change in life at their own pace. Lindsay has never accepted the status quo and traditional beliefs as the only way of living. She is known for thinking and living out side of the box. Lindsay has an ability to help people recognize the paradigm in which they currently live or work with in whether she is speaking to corporate employers about how to respectfully offer accommodations to an employee struggling with a mental health issue or a workshop supporting people to understand the subtle energies of communication or deal with divorce more effectively.

Lindsay gently supports and encourages people to examine which beliefs are helpful to keep and which are creating struggles in life. Lindsay introduces alternate ways of thinking about situations offering a new paradigm of living and working.

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