Mindful Mouths ~ Mindful Eating Meditation 6 Week Series

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Spring is here and I have a new spring in my step.  After a full two seasons of recovery, learnings, and new awarenesses, I am picking up the pace again and ready to approach life with enthusiasm like I have never experienced before.  There are so many aspects of where this journey has taken me that I can’t possibly touch on all of it in this email alone so I thought what I would do is start with the one that has had the greatest impact.

I have learned first hand the importance of listening to our own body.  On this healing journey, I learned very quickly that although everyone has great advice and expertise, the only person that could nourish my body back to health was ME! The possibilities and different ways of doing that were endless…how do I choose?

I’ve always viewed foods as either medicine or poison but deciding what was which for my healing journey was a challenge.  It was only when I connected deep within myself again that I could find the answers and this is what has inspired this 6 week meditation class.  What is good for one person is not good for everyone and is not always good for you all of the time. So, how do you know what you should be doing?

The answers are really quite easy to find once we realize they are within us and learn how to access them! Mindful meditation can be a great tool to connect to what our body needs in this moment.

If you dread making decisions about what to eat or often eat something and do not feel satisfied after eating, or you are tired of trying different diets and trying to decide if the latest nutritional plan is the right choice, this meditation series is for you!  Whatever your current strategy is, this will enhance your ability to connect more deeply with yourself and understand why something is working for you or why it is not.  This can be as simple as deciding whether a cup of coffee is a help or a hindrance in your body.  I am so pleased to be partnering with Jenna Hunke, a brilliant inspiring Holistic Nutritionist who loves good food and knows the importance of finding what works best with in your own body.

Mindful Mouths ~ Changing the Way We Eat!

6 Week Meditation Class focused on Increasing Our Awareness of the Food We Eat

Location:  200 Dawson St. Waterloo, ON

Cost: $199. Plus HST

Every Tuesday evening starting Tuesday April 29 to June 3, 2014 inclusive 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

To Register or for more information contact: lindsay@livingalldimensions.com

Registration is limited to 10 participants so register early.

Join Lindsay Salm Dubé (Meditation Facilitator and Life Strategy Coach) and Jenna Hunke (Holistic Nutritionist) for a life changing 6 weeks ensuring you will never need or want to diet again and you will look at food as an exciting opportunity to nourish your body and your soul rather than dreading decisions about what to eat next.

This 6 week meditation series will focus on bringing awareness to the foods we eat, where they come from and how they are processed in our body.  In our fast paced world, taking the time to eat, never mind making healthy food choices has become an increasing challenge.  Everywhere we turn, there is a new diet or a new strategy to help us obtain our optimum healthy body. How do we know what is the best strategy for us?  In this series, we will explore the energy of food and learn to listen to our own bodies and how it resonates within us so we will be able to determine what foods best meet our own needs.

We will:

  • explore meditation strategies for mindful eating practices

  • better understand our own judgments and perceptions in regards to food

  • differentiate between life giving and life draining foods

  • take control over what you eat rather than your cravings controlling you

  • explore the giving and receiving energy of food allowing the food to move through you rather than staying with you in unwanted fat

  • learn to celebrate your body and your life through food in a healthy, mindful way

This is a very interactive series that will involve food in most of the classes.  All food will be provided accept for one week where you will be asked to contribute one food item as part of the learning experience.  The last class may be longer than 2 hours as we share a celebratory mindful eating experience together prepared by the Facilitators so that you can truly put into practice what you have learned about yourself and your relationship to food in the last 6 weeks.

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