The Impact of Six Consecutive Summer Solstices

It is Solstice time again!  How many times have I written about the Solstice? The absolute moment of greatest expansion between yin and yang energies and how much I love this time of year. This year is different. It feels different for me and it’s difficult to put my finger on it. This will be the third year in a row where I have been in the Southern Hemisphere for the December Solstice. Lucky me!! That said, I’m wondering what the impact is on never having a winter solstice. You see, winter solstice, which is currently happening in the Northern Hemisphere is about moving in to a space of quiet, solitude, hibernation and reflection. It’s the time when we get to stop with the doing and just be. Summer Solstice is about picking up the pace, getting in to action mode, letting the masculine energy flow and actively creating our life.

I have described my life over the last few years as very much a whirlwind, always on the go, travelling to new places, exploring new things, seizing the moment which is consistent with the energy that summer solstice offers. I am beginning to wonder if I’m paying a price for this. There have been moments when I would like to slow down and just be but there is always just one more thing to do like get the house ready to sell or pack for the next wild wonderful adventure. My time for meditation, coming back to myself has been slipping away and I feel the impact. A lot of that might have to do with a new relationship and all of the implications that holds, in particular the notion of a Oneness in the We versus the I or is it inclusive of the I?  That post is for another day.

As I sit here today, hours away from Celebrating the Summer Solstice in Fiji, I’m reminded that life is about balance. Balance, says the woman, who 10 years ago wrote an article entitled, “Fuck Balance!” At that time I really believed that if everything was in balance it becomes a monotonous, boring, unadventurous life that never grows because everything is busy being kept equal. To this day, I believe that not all things are equal and the biggest injustice we can do is treat something equal that which is not. For example, not all relationships are equal, nor do they require the same attention. But what should be equal and where there does need to be balance is with in our Self. Perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies, perfect balance of being and doing. Our Winter and Summer Solstices offers us that just like the seasons in Canada where we can see it so clearly moving from one energy to another. It is important for us not to resist the energy that we are in and to face it head on. In the holiday season, it is why so many people struggle, wishing it where different than what it is.  When we don’t like where we be, it is a challenge for sure. Typically, we find something to do, to escape the being. We must be gentle with ourselves. And for me, I must make time and energy for more being and less doing each day especially if I’m not staying put in a hemisphere that offers that balance for me.

Wherever you are, whatever hemisphere you are in, I wish you a very Happy Solstice balanced with being and doing and allowing what ever it is you are faced with, how challenging or delightful, that you can be fully present with it. For me, I’m going to take this doing energy that the Summer Solstice down under is offering me and create a space for me to be and do nothing each day until a new harmony exists and I can carry it on my own.

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