The Power of Emotion

This has been a very emotional time for me, perhaps for all of us as we transition in to a new way of being on this earth.  For me, it has been compounded by endings and new beginnings and lots of them.  It’s a time of uncertainty and thus an emotional time.

Last weekend, I was honoured to witness my son, Philip marry a woman he has loved and known for a very long time.  The wedding itself, was filled with joy and happiness.  The day flowed with ease and even the glitches melted in to the day as if that was the way it was intended all along.  This day was like no other for me, I do what I do best, read and feel energy as it moves around me.  And that day there was lots of energy, emotional energy, for everyone.  I was curious as to how people managed their emotions or whether people even felt the need to manage them at all.  The couple themselves, are very aware of their emotional being and honour it as an important part of who they are.  This set a stage for others.  It was ok, not only ok but welcome to be in whatever state you needed to be.  Tears were as welcome as laughter and there were moments were one led into the other.  The freedom for all of us to just be, be where we were at and really celebrate being in the moment was a gift to each of us.

Throughout the day, I noticed that some people embraced the freedom to be emotional while others tried to manage it or apologize for it and then there were those that were so guarded and protected from it.  Walls, keeping hearts safe surrounded many.  The walls were all different, uniquely crafted to serve a purpose that had served so well, often for many years. Some were more porous than others, some made of concrete and iron, impenetrable, some jelly like and wanting to melt away with the love that surrounded.  I thought about how all of us have a barrier of protection, a fear of being hurt, being vulnerable and the bravery and courage it takes to rise up to that barrier and challenge its purpose.

The need for self preservation is huge and it’s within all of us.  I think of the energy it takes to keep that emotional body in check.  As it naturally flows between the mental body and the physical body, it keeps both bodies well lubricated, nourished, open and free to live.  When we try and contain it, put barriers around it, rules as to when it can mingle with the rest of our self or others how painful that process is.  I watch as it creates dis-ease and discomfort within our own being and how we squirm to avoid it.  We become doers in the process.  We look for something to do because being is just too painful in that moment.  We forget that we are human beings on this earth and not human doings…we block our emotional body that allows us to be, in whatever state we are in.  There is no judgement in our emotional body, there is just the experience.  We experience everything in this life time and the spectrum swings from incredible pain to incredible joy and everything in between…what kind of life do we live if we limit, criticize, control how we feel?  What would life look like if we were able to be in whatever emotional state that came upon us in the moment and stay there until we no longer felt the need to be there?  That would be a life of freedom!!  It’s time to step out of the self imposed prisons and allow this human being the freedom to live!

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One Response to “The Power of Emotion”

  • ann chapman says:

    Wow!!! That was some day of observation you had at Phillip’s wedding!!! I’m glad the day was for you and others a freeing experience. Happy, sad whatever people felt at ease to be was wonderful! Just think of all the possibilities people had the oppportunity to live. Sounds to me like there was a lot of Love in the air!
    I am so glad you mentioned all the barriers we invent and stay wedded to, it reminded me to take the time to really look at what I bring to “occasions” — may be a few in the air there!!!!! Glad to be welcomed to your blogging experience and glad to have you in my life!!!!!
    Thank you with all my heart. Ann.

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