Walking On The Edge…

Yesterday I walked the Edgewalk of the CN Tower with my son, Philip, harnessed in, hanging over the edge, 1168 feet above the ground, not hanging on to anything, apparently a world setting event.  This plan came from Christmas of 2012, where the boys and I gave gifts of time and Philip and I decided we would give this to each other. Then last year, I was consumed with surgery and healing and the Edgewalk has a policy that you cannot walk for 6 months post surgery. There were times in the past year that I wondered if I would make it but this and so many other magical moments waiting pulled me along.

People think it takes bravery and courage to do this but there is nothing unsafe about it.  What it takes is a commitment to life, to living and finding the beauty, a commitment to surrender and let go and see what the world has in store for us.  We can’t even begin to imagine all that is possible.  Letting go is the only way to find out.  We did a series of exercises on the walk, leaning over, sitting backwards and looking up…all just breathing and letting go.

Our journey of life is learning to let go.  Ultimately, we all do.  That is the guarantee.  How resistant we are is what life looks like.  There is great joy in letting go, an unimaginable joy! Walking with people who encourage us to let go, to live, to commit to life is what makes it so much easier, so much richer, so much more joyful.  Yesterday, I was reminded of the beautiful, peaceful, joyful young man Philip is and so very grateful to share this moment with him.  I can’t wait to see what we do next, together and apart!!  Perhaps, I will be climbing outdoors this summer with Philip, or at least cheering him on as he reaches new heights and encourage me to do the same!

Life certainly is about living on the edge.  A friend recently reminded me that it’s not a race.  Your speed is your speed.  We all eventually walk towards the edge so that we can let go.  It’s about doing it in our own time, our own unique way.  How are you committing to your life today, pushing towards the edge or are you taking a break and sitting back waiting for the inspiration to let go some more?

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  • Kim Watson says:

    Congratulations Lindsay and Philip! So inspiring. Though I doubt the Edgewalk is for me, I applaud your courage and commitment. Life is neither a race nor a dress rehearsal. This is it in all it’s glory! Cheers and love.

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