Exhaling 2017 with a whole lot of gratitude and Inhaling 2018

As I reflect on this last year, I am filled with gratitude for the people in my life. My world looks completely differently than it did a few years ago. My family has grown and expanded. I have no more dependent children. My business is being done remotely or in a shared work space when […]

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Why Marry? A commitment of the heart with Vows and Promises

The decision to get married is an important one. Other than deciding to have a child, it’s probably the most life altering important decision we make in life. Marriage is not necessary for everyone but for David and I, it felt like a necessary next step. We could have continued living life as a married […]

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Walking On The Edge…

Yesterday I walked the Edgewalk of the CN Tower with my son, Philip, harnessed in, hanging over the edge, 1168 feet above the ground, not hanging on to anything, apparently a world setting event.  This plan came from Christmas of 2012, where the boys and I gave gifts of time and Philip and I decided […]

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Unconsciousness to Consciousness…finally waking up!

What a ride this healing journey has been! The roller coaster that has steep inclines and unpredictable declines has started to have some sharp turns left to right. It really is the journey of life, all of our lives. How tight I hung on at first, afraid to open my eyes, afraid to let go, […]

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