May and June Meditation Classes…Living in the Here and Now

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Monday Evening Meditation Classes

Every Monday starting: May 6 – 27, 2013 inclusive


Every Monday starting: June 3 – 24, 2013 inclusive

Join Lindsay for one or both of these sessions every Monday evening from 7 – 8:30 in Waterloo.

Slowing our Self down despite the busyness of our life

Are you feeling like you are living in a world of uncertainty?  It seems as though we have been pushed and pulled in multiple directions.  Recently, I Scuba dove a site called The Washing Machine and as it pulled me in and turned me around before spitting me out the other side, I realized this is what life seems to be giving us lately.  There is lots of chaos, change, the unpredictable has become the norm.  Meditation is a great way to centre our Self and create some quiet “me” time in amongst the busyness of life.

If life won’t slow down, perhaps it’s time we learn to slow our self down so we can better manage life.

Join Lindsay for 4 weeks or 8 weeks of meditation.  There will be 2 consecutive series, one in May and the other in June.  Feel free to take either one or both.  Many participants feel that after 4 weeks they are just getting started and are left wanting more. Both sessions will offer guided and silent meditation allowing you the opportunity to connect with your deepest, truest, most authentic SELF re energizing you and grounding you for the week ahead.

Cost : $115 + 14.95HST ($129.95) for each 4 week session or
$200 + 26HST ($226.) for both weeks registered and paid in advance.

To register contact Lindsay at 519 342 9060 or email

Please bring your own meditation stool, cushion or pillow and whatever else you need to be comfortable during this time.
If you have any issues or concerns with sitting on the floor for the hour and a half, please advise Lindsay in advance and a chair will be arranged for you.


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