Beginnings and Endings or Endings and then Beginnings…the flow of life

Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of the first major surgery. What a ride it has been. Yesterday marked the first day of the rest of my new life with David.  Beginnings and endings. You can’t have one without the other. Today I celebrate the functioning of my body in a different way than I knew 2 years ago. Some of it works better than 10 years ago and some is still healing. All of the treatments and all of the specialists have guided and coached my body, reminding it of the perfect alignment it came into this world knowing. It has been my journey to allow that realignment on its own sweet time. I can now lie flat on my back without support under my knees, something I haven’t done for more than a decade while I am still cautious walking down steps, but even that piece may be more in my mind than my body, regardless, where my mind goes, my body follows.  I can’t wait to see where my body goes next, my practice will be surrender and allowing.

Yesterday, I arrived in Edmonton with of a new way of thinking. For the last year, I have been living and working in Waterloo while travelling to be with David. I am shifting my way of thinking about where I am living and how I am working in an attempt to be more present to all aspects of my life. Edmonton will now be my home base while I sell my house and settle into the condo in the fall. My intention is to create more space to finish writing the book I started before surgery. Much of my work in the last 10 years has been exploring the dynamic of relationships from a mind, body and spirit perspective. I have used this philosophy in my everyday work and the demand to have it written is placing it as a priority now.  I will return to KW for 1 -2 weeks each month to continue face to face appointments. In the interim, I will be available for phone and skype appointments and already have several sessions this week to see how this works for people. This seems to be the direction life is pulling, certainly my heart is being called and I am listening. After years of having my head, my logical being in the driver’s seat of my life, I am stepping into life in a very illogical and emotional way of life, trusting and surrendering despite what stories my mind can create. Ironically, I arrived yesterday on time but my luggage didn’t make it on the plane, arriving 8 hours later.  I really have to work on getting my physical life operating at the same speed as my emotional / spiritual self!  We celebrated my arrival here with a beautiful dinner and a great Mumford and Sons concert.  Mid concert, mid song, I heard the message loud and clear, “with love we have life”.  And here I am digging into the deepest most vulnerable form of love yet. None of which is possibility without acknowledging and even celebrating beginnings and endings or is it endings that allow for the beginnings?

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