Monday Evening Meditation: Raising Our Vibration

The focus of these 4 weeks will be on connecting to our SELF through breath and visualization. Each week we will focus on shifting our vibration to be in alignment with our highest SELF. Each class will have a different focus, including our general well being, our health, our finances and our relationships. We will use a guided meditation channeled by Abraham. The first week will involve meditation and sitting for no longer than 15 minutes. Each week, we will review and build on the week before. Sitting will increase by 15 mintuesevery week and you will be surprised to find yourself in meditation for an entire hour after only 4 weeks. Participants will be encouraged to challenge existing belief systems that keep us stuck and repeating history and consider creating a new future in all four of these specific areas of life.

Every Monday starting:
Sept. 10 – Oct. 1, 2012 inclusive

Join Lindsay every Monday evening
from 7 – 8:30 p.m.
Please arrive a few minutes before 7 so we can start promptly at 7
Living All Dimensions

Cost for all 4 sessions: $100 plus HST ($113)

To register contact Lindsay at 519 342 9060 or email

Please bring your own meditation stool, cushion or pillow and whatever else you need to be comfortable during this time. If it is challenging for you to sit on the floor, please advise Lindsay in advance and alternate seating will be arranged.

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