Lots of Changes brings New Beginnings

It’s not by accident that after a delayed occupancy on my condo, the date of occupancy actually lines up with the eve of the December New Moon.  New Beginnings! Life is starting to settle down. At least that’s what I keep telling myself but the truth is, I know that although I am establishing some roots and getting settled physically in to new locations, my life is actually picking up speed and taking off in directions still unknown. It can be beyond stressful and overwhelming at times and yet, it’s a lot of fun to live a life surrendered to the unknown. It makes living in the moment, the here and now that much more joyful. Anyone that has known me over my lifetime will know me as an intense planner, always sensing into the future and taking steps to put thoughts and ideas into action. To be honest, although that has been effective in getting me to where I am today, it has also been a lot of work. The ease of life has come with letting go, living in the now and using my planning and organizing skills secondary to my dreams rather than planning my way into the future. The difference is a sense of being pulled down the river rather than having to navigate it and keep my attention on all the small details always ready to readjust the plan.

The last few years have been a time of transition and learning. Some of this includes reclaiming my life and health, sharing the feminine energy with two beautiful daughter in laws and becoming a grandmother, the connection with a Beloved life partner, and most recently letting go of a home that allowed a reconfigured family to find love and peace and support for one another, as well as a place to work and heal. The meditation and healing room on Dawson St. has held space for miracles to happen, lives to find peace and hope for a different future, as well as reclaiming personal empowerment and awareness of our ability to manifest our hearts desires.  I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to work and live within the walls of the space that so many contributed to.

With all of these changes, I’m finding it necessary to make some changes to my work life as well.  Effective today, my new address is 85 Duke St. West, Kitchener Suite 504. My phone number and email address will stay the same. This is a brand new condo known as the Kitchener City Centre and I am part of the first round of occupancy which means that for the first few months, the building will still be under construction. It will take me some time in there to see about the possibility of seeing clients and offering meditation classes in the new space. The design of my condo allows for me to create a beautiful healing room space. I was hoping to start working from that space immediately but after a delayed occupancy and seeing the amount of construction, I need to be in that space for a while before I can be certain it will be conducive to the same type of quieting of the mind that Dawson St. offered. I am fortunate to be able to use space in a local chiropractor’s office in North Waterloo until I can get more settled. Many of you will already know Dr. Richard Dietrich who is much more than a chiropractor, supporting healing in a variety of energetic ways.  His office is located at 155 Frobisher Dr, Waterloo, ON N2V 2E1 Unit G113. The closest main intersection is Northfield and Davenport. There is ample parking in front of the unit. Walk in the main door and it is the first office on your right. Please walk right in and I will meet you in the waiting room there.

In terms of scheduling appointments, there will be some changes as well. I have already incorporated some of the changes as I’ve been travelling back and forth from my other home with David in Edmonton. My commitment to my work and clients has remained unchanged. I will continue to fly home to KW, offer phone and Skype appointments as long as there is the desire and demand.  Over the last 10 years my primary focus has been on raising my children and meeting the needs of my clients and building my business. As I lived and worked in the same space, I could often accommodate last minute changes or forgotten appointments and run overtime in scheduled appointments. I feel very grateful to have been afforded that opportunity for so long. Because I am now flying to Ontario specifically to work and to meet the needs of a tighter work schedule, as well as working in alternate space, it is necessary for me to commit to the appointments as they are scheduled and I am asking clients to do the same. I will require 24 hour notice for cancellations or changes in appointments as well as sessions to start on time and finish on time. Any last minute changes will be charged half the price of the scheduled appointment.

Appointments have varied between 1 and 1-5 hours depending on the type of work that was done. In the future, all initial appointments and couples appointments will be 1.5 hours and all other sessions will be 1 hour unless there is a specific need to do a longer session. Some people travel a few hours for an appointment or find they need more time to process during a session in which case a longer appointment is certainly an option. I will continue to offer space between each of my booked sessions to allow for people to come and go without any overlap. I am also increasing my rates. In reflection, my rates have not increased for 5 years.  Effective Jan. 1, 2016 a 1 hour appointment will be $120 and a 1.5 hour appointment will be $175. HST included.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the changes, please don’t hesitate to contact me. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you uncovering obstacles, shifting challenges and creating a new vision in your relationships and in your vision for your future, ultimately creating a life of ease, filled with love and joy.

I wish you all love and peace over this holiday season as we prepare for the Solstice and so many religious celebrations. May the New Year charge each of us with the power to take responsibility and control of the lives we have created and be mindful in our co creation of our future.

With love,

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