Happy Solstice and Celebrating the Potential of Life Created by the Expansion of Light

My favourite day of the year arrives at 4:34 p.m. Mountain Time. We call it Summer Solstice and today we celebrate with the beautiful Strawberry Full Moon blessing this day!

I’ve written about the shift that happens in these energies many times. Today I want to focus my attention on the shift between all energies and the importance of acknowledging all.  Today is the day with the most light and the least darkness. Depending on our perspective, it can be the best or the worst day. We can focus on the loss or the gain.

Today is the reminder that we live in a world of opposites or extremes: dark / light, strong / weak, rich / poor, mean / kind, selfish / selfless, ugly / beautiful, thin / fat, boy / girl, straight / gay, smart / stupid, lies / truth, evil / angelic, authentic / inauthentic, right / wrong. You get the idea, the list could go on and on. What’s important for me today is to place my attention not in the extremes or in the labels but in the space in between. Having been brought up in a world and especially a western, predominantly Christian society, I was taught at an early age how to label things so to understand. A child looks at something flying around in the world between the trees and we quickly teach the child how to label…this is a bird and that is a butterfly. We learn this is good behavior and that is bad. This is tolerable and that is not. What we are doing, reinforces what we have been told to believe but it also eliminates any possibility of these new eyes exploring a different understanding of life.  In doing this, we create a constrictive, presupposed way of life.

Having a lot of experience with the medical system both professionally and personally, I see how quickly we want to align the symptoms to the diagnosis so that we have an “understanding” and then create a plan of treatment and prognosis. The danger of this thinking, is that it assumes an understanding of a person or situation that is fluid and not necessarily in the extreme of one of the sides. All of this is based on an assumption that everything can sit on one side or another. If we look at birth and death, one can pose the question, “At what point do we start dying?” or “At what point does one start living?” Our response to these simple questions determine our outlook on our life and how we ultimately navigate through it. The reality lies in the fact that Birth and Death are two non-negotiables in life. Everything that is birthed, dies. Everything between the two is up for negotiation. Where our attention needs to lie is in the life in between those two extremes. When one understands the freedom that we have to pick and choose everything with every breath, life becomes incredibly easy as nothing is that important. Even our history holds less relevance, but rather a reference point to what we want to create in our future.

Life does not exist in the columns of the extreme, only a very small percentage represent that world while the rest of the world lives in between. When we let go of the need to label and start to live on the continuum of all that is, there is freedom. Freedom to just be and do what is in this moment knowing that the energy of life is similar to the waves of the season, the tides of the sea, the cycles of the moon. We are much more fluid than we are still and in that is the freedom to move in to the energy that best suits our life. In this thinking, we have complete freedom to be all that is and choose to live the life we want.

So, as we start this new summer season, in this huge expansive state of light, what do you choose to create for your life?

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