It’s time to start Meditation again!

It has been quite a year…as well as being on an intensive healing journey I have been fortunate to spend a week in Toronto with Deepak Chopra at the Seduction of Spirit conference, fine tuning and enhancing both my meditation and yoga practices. I can’t wait to share some new learnings with you from that experience! I’m pleased […]

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The car shopping vortex and enjoying the ride of life!

As someone who struggles to attach to physical possessions in any meaningful way, you can imagine my angst when it’s time to go car shopping.  It’s not the top of my priority list and although I try to get excited about the thought of a new car, it just doesn’t resonate through me.  I’m not […]

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Birthday Surprises and Gratitude…

I remember the day back in the dead of winter when my dear friend Maryanne told me to block off a couple of dates in the spring as she had some surprises planned for my birthday.  She was giddy with excitement and I remember feeling how much I wanted to know what she was excited […]

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Meditations for October 2012

Monday Oct. 15 and Monday Oct. 29, 2012 Continuing a practice of connecting to your SELF! Both of these dates are in alignment with the new moon and full moon in October. This is an intense time in life with lots of energetic shifts happening. It is an important time to release and transform what […]

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